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Thứ Ba, 14 tháng 7, 2015

A Guide to Buying the Best T-Shirt

Among the various pieces of clothing available currently, the t-shirt is the most popular item without a doubt. This holds true for everyone including men, women and even children. The versatility of the tees and their durability are major factors which have given rise to their popularity. After all, they can be worn in a variety of ways.

Nowadays, tees have become so popular that they are available in variety of prices and their quality can vary significantly as well. Therefore, you should consider a few points before purchasing them.

The Fabric 
It is extremely important to purchase a tee with a high quality fabric. After all, fabrics can shrink or lose their shape. You are certain to become frustrated with this kind of fabric. The fabric should be strong enough to tolerate a number of washes. It should also be durable. Moreover, it should not lose its color or fade quickly. This is all the more important if you are buying a t-shirt as a gift for someone.

The Fiber Makeup
There are various fibers, both synthetic and natural, used for creating t-shirts. The choice of fiber often depends on your preferences. Generally pure cotton tees will be the best choice for summer months. However, you can certainly opt for blends. Cotton is absorbent and is more comfortable to wear. On the other hand, synthetic fibers increase the durability of the tee and reduce shrinkage. Certain polyester fibers can make the tee wrinkle free and dries faster. You can easily check the fiber makeup of the tee as these details are always provided.

It is not uncommon to find cotton tees that shrink by a significant margin after a couple of washing cycles. Sometimes the entire garment can decrease by a size. Therefore, it is important to take the fiber content of the tee into account before purchasing it. A blend of cotton and polyester will be a better choice than pure cotton. The labels attached to the tees will contain these bits of information.

The Print
If you are buying a funny t-shirt, chances are that it will contain a printed image or text on it. You should consider the quality of the print. It should not get washed off after a few trips to the laundry otherwise it will lose its humorous quality. Of course, the choice for the text or image is up to you. You can choose the popular boo tees that have funny comments such as ‘Keep Calm and Let Boos Handle It’ and ‘Hey Boo’ with or without images. Either way, they should be printed properly.

The Cut of the Garment
The cut of the garment will determine how nicely the t-shirt will fit you. The tee should have been stitched in the proper locations so as to ensure the perfect fit. If the cut is not a good one, the tee can look very unstylish and it will be uncomfortable while wearing as well.

You can get a cheap t-shirt quite easily online. By ensuring the above points, you will find the t-shirts printed with quotes and images to be a great addition to your wardrobe.

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